Me Now

This is a “Now Page“, inspired by Derek Sivers & Vera Golosova.

Updated April 2, 2024.

I currently live in Norway together with my partner and our cat.
I’m studying math and history to get my higher education entrance qualification to be able to hopefully enter university come autumn. I’ve applied for several different fields and leaving it up to the universe to steer which path I move on to.

I stream on Twitch three days a week, trying to reach affiliate, currently playing Alan Wake’s American Nightmare and Mass Effect Legendary Edition on stream. Off stream/non-scheduled I’m playing Final Fantasy XIV, Final Fantasy VII (original edition on PC), Sky: Children of the Light and Baldur’s Gate 3. Occasionally also playing Plate Up! and Dead by Daylight with friends.

I write a weekly newsletter.

I’m working on two watercolour commissions, a miniature painting commission and a few gift art pieces.
I’m also working on putting together prints and merch for tabling at Torucon in August.

Trying to readjust my relationship with art and doing some heavy shadow work. Basically, re-learning to live in a better way.